Nominations now closed

Nominaitons for the best curry house in Watford and Abbots Langley are now closed. Dozens of people have emailed, tweeted, and facebooked me with their favourite restaurants.

Making the UK a friendlier place to start a business

This has been a difficult recession for small businesses. Shop owners, hairdressers, restaurateurs and many others have had to deal with a huge drop in demand. On top of this they have all had to put up with shorter lines of credit and stifling red tape and business rates.

Boosting our profile

Since coming to Parliament I have been doing my best to build Watford’s profile in Westminster. I have put myself forward for a number of committees and Parliamentary groups so that I can better represent the people of Watford.

Video of my Maiden Speech now online

Video of my Maiden Speech is now up on Youtube. I’m glad that I have got it out the way early. The next time I speak in the house, it won’t be nearly half as nerve-wracking! 

Making my maiden speech in the House of Commons

I was lucky enough to be the first new MP to make their Maiden Speech yesterday evening. To say that I was a little bit nervous is a slight understatement but I soon got over those gitters! I used my Maiden Speech to highlight the shame that is the huge increase in youth unemployment in Watford.

I’m at your service

I’m delighted to have been elected as your MP because it gives me the opportunity to be of service to you, the people of Watford, irrespective of your political views. That was the reason I decided to stand for Parliament. At 52 years old, with 31 years business experience and, with my wife, having brought up two children of my own, I felt I could contribute to the future of this country.