Save Watford Met Petition Presented to Rail Minister

On Monday 5 December, Watford MP Richard Harrington presented a petition signed by 3,000 local people opposing the closure of Watford Metropolitan Line Station to Rail Minister, Paul Maynard MP.

The petition, organised by concerned Cassiobury residents Carol Scleater and Michael Fish, relates to the planned closure of Watford Met Station when the Metropolitan Line Extension (MLE) is complete. The MLE will link Watford Junction to the Metropolitan Line at Croxley via two new stations at Cassiobridge and Vicarage Road and the existing Watford High Street Station.

The petition outlines the usefulness of the station to Cassiobury residents, Watford Boys pupils, park users and local commuters. It supports the principles of the MLE adding that keeping Watford Met open will improve the Met Extension at relatively small cost.

Richard Harrington, MP for Watford, said:

I am committed to Watford Met station and the Met Line Extension. The petition is with the Minister at the Department for Transport and he is looking at it closely. Paul has told that he will respond soon. I will keep you updated.”

Currently, four out of 5 of the passengers walk to Watford Met Station and 2% (approximately 60 passengers per weekday) cycle reducing car use and pollution in Rickmansworth Road. In his supporting letter to the petition, Mr. Harrington pointed out that many of the 3000 passengers using the station on weekdays (1.85 million – 2015 figure) will have to walk much further to Cassiobridge Station and many including the elderly will use their cars to access the new station if Watford Met Station is forced to close.  

Mr. Harrington will continue to fight to save this station for commuters when the brilliant new Met Line Extension opens, the 400 Watford Boys Grammar School pupils and other school children, visitors to Cassiobury Park and many others.

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