Richard Harrington Welcomes a Conservative Manifesto for Britain's Future

On Thursday 18th May 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May launched the 2017 Conservative Manifesto, ahead of the General Election on the 8th June. 

The 80 page document details Theresa May and the Conservative Party's plan for a stronger and more prosperous Britain, ahead of what the Prime Minister has called the 'most challenging' five years that Britain will face. 

A future Conservative Government would increase spending on the NHS by £8bn in real terms over the next five years- that's on top of the £10bn already promised and will include the biggest infrastructure and digital investment in its history. 

The Conservative Manifesto also pledges: 

  1. To keep taxes low and increase the national living wage 
  2. Provide an extra £4bn for schools in England by 2022 and build 100 new free schools every year
  3. Cap energy costs
  4. Keep increasing pensions in line with wages
  5. To balance the budget by the middle of the next decade
  6. To build 1 million new homes by 2020, and then to go further and build another half a million by the end of 2022.
  7. Reduce net migration
  8. A commitment to raising Personal Allowance to £12,500
  9. To introduce a New Mental Health Treatment Bill to reduce discrimination 
  10. Ensure no one has to sell their home to pay for social care costs and raise the amount of protected assets from £23, 250 to £100,000 for pensioners paying for social care 

Richard Harrington, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, welcomed the manifesto and said: 

"Today we've seen that Theresa May has a plan for our country that supports hard working people and increases funding for vital public services, whilst taking steps to balance the books and get the most of our Brexit negotiations. We face an uncertain future, but our economy is strong thanks to the action we have taken over the last 7 years. 

If elected, a Conservative Government will raise wages, help savers, increase spending on our NHS, build more schools and affordable houses, reduce net migration and protect adult social care. This is a manifesto that puts future generations first and so I wholeheartedly back Theresa May's plan for Britain and Watford." 

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