Richard Harrington MP Praises Watford Girls Grammar’s Work on Mental Health

The Watford MP commended students at Watford Girls Grammar who were the first to pilot the Mental Health Foundation’s Peer Education Project, which sees students become the teachers.

On Monday 24th September, students from Watford Girls Grammar and Richard Harrington MP attended the second Minds Matter Gala, which aims to expand the Mental Health Foundation’s work with children, young people and students.

This year, the Friends of the Foundation were building on the success of the Peer Education Project, a programme which was first piloted in Watford.

The Peer Education Project is made up of five mental health lessons delivered to all Year 7 students by their older peers. The lessons aim to introduce the idea of mental health and illness to young people.

Richard Harrington MP said:

“We know that 50% of adult mental health problems have started by the age of 14. That’s why programmes like this are encouraging as they help young people open up about how they feeling, and learn that it’s ok to not feel ok! The fact that it’s taught by their older peers is important because they are more relatable.

I’m so proud of the students at Watford Girls Grammar who are paving the way for better mental health support in schools. Their work is hugely impressive.”