I’m at your service

I’m delighted to have been elected as your MP because it gives me the opportunity to be of service to you, the people of Watford, irrespective of your political views. That was the reason I decided to stand for Parliament. At 52 years old, with 31 years business experience and, with my wife, having brought up two children of my own, I felt I could contribute to the future of this country.

On the Monday night following the election David Cameron addressed Conservative MPs, explaining that he wanted to come to an arrangement with the Lib Dems for the good of the country as the alternative would be an unpopular Labour government. This was put to a vote and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, what have the first few days been like? While these momentous political events were unfolding, I, along with the record 233 new MPs entering Parliament, was getting to grips with finding my way around Westminster. Experienced politicians from all sides of the House greeted us and showed us the ropes. They pointed out pegs and lockers with our names on and it felt much how I remember the first day of school! Although security passes and laptops were waiting for us, it would be another few weeks before I was allocated an office in Westminster.

Turning back to Watford, I have already received more than 200 requests for help from constituents. My top priority is nothing to do with party politics but instead to provide a service to local people. Most enquiries are from those who feel let down by government agencies – both local and national – and need help cutting through bureaucracy when it comes to vital matters such as housing, education and benefits. I am building a strong operation in Watford to deal with casework and am taking on two local people to help me help you.

If I can help you please get in touch by calling 01923 296790 or emailing richard.harrington.mp@parliament.uk.