Local Issues

There are several issues very important to Watford and Richard is working hard to fight for local projects and solve local problems.

Richard is here to listen to local concerns and to represent constituents views to the Government.

Croxley Rail Link

The Croxley Rail Link is a very important project to Watford; regenerating the most deprived parts of the town and cementing Watford's reputation and capacity as a thriving transport hub. The Rail Link will connect Watford Junction with the Undergrund from Croxley and bring 2 new stations in Watford.

In July 2013 the Government gave the greenlight for work on the project to begin, with it scheduled to be operational in 2016. More information about the project can be found here.

Watford Health Campus 

Richard has always fought hard to bring the best in health care to people in Watford.

The proposed Health Campus will bring state of the art health care to Watford for generations to come. In 2012 Richard secured £6 million in Government funding to build a new access road to the Hospital and alleviate congestion in the area.

In the summer of 2013 Kier was formally made the development partners on the project.

Supporting Local Business

Richard believes that Watford is a great place to do business, but realises that there have been obstacles in the way for new businesses to start. These businesses are integral in getting the economy back on it's feet as well as boosting the local economy.

He has welcomed the measures taken by the Coalition Government to support small businesses and to cut the red tape that cause so many businesses to struggle. Locally Richard has been working with small businesses and local groups to make it easier for businesses to start and grow in Watford.

In November 2010 Richard invited the Minister for Small Business, Mark Prisk MP to Watford to discuss ways that we can see fewer empty shops on our High Street and encourage new business to grow. In addition he has conducted a local business survey to find out more about the challenges that local companies face.

Spending Cuts

Richard recognises that upon taking power the Coalition Government had to take the difficult but necessary steps to get the UK economy back on it's feet as well as to cut the uneccessary over-spending that had been the hallmark of the Labour Government. He supported the way in which the Chancellor decided to cut Government spending in certain sectors but wants to ensure that this money is being cut by the right people, from the right places, ensuring that the front line services that we all rely on are maintained.

With this is mind Richard has conducted a survey accross all organisations, charities, groups and bodies that recieve national or local Government money, to see how they are faring in the cuts. Where Richard has encountered problems he has acted quickly to try and solve the problems.

Big Society

Richard is very proud of the Government's plans to boost the Big Society in Watford, to make our community stronger and more responsible.

In his time as MP, Richard has spent time with the many charities that make Watford such a great place to live. He has been sure to help where they have problems and encouraged more people to get involved in any way they can to support these charites and their local communities. During the next few months Richard will be working on several projects to grow the Big Society in Watford.