Huge Boost for Local Shops, Pubs and Restaurants

 Small businesses are vital to Watford’s economy and have paved the way to the economic recovery. I have campaigned in Government for more support for local shops. Local shops throughout the Constituency are benefiting from the Government’s policies aimed at helping small shops and charities.

 All businesses and charities have been entitled to receive a £2,000 National Insurance Allowance that has dramatically reduced the cost of employing people. It has allowed local firms to increase people’s hours or create new jobs.

 Employers’ contributions to National Insurance for under 21s have been scrapped altogether. I’m now pushing for more assistance for small businesses to help further reduce the cost of hiring new staff and working with the police and local councils to improve access and the appearance of our shopping parades.

 "As a local business owner, I can definitely see how the economy has improved over the last few years. It's great having an MP who stands up for our town.”

Des Gregory